Paan Flavoured Panna Cotta

 Betel Leaf Flavoured Italian Paana Cotta Scented with Fennel Seeds and Rose Water.







Madras Curry Powder marinated Chicken skewers with tamarind and roasted peanut dipMadras Curry Powder marinated Chicken skewers with tamarind and roasted peanut dip  

This innovative modern Indian dish combines classical match of curry powder with tamrind and nutty peanuts.






Prawn Pepper Fry

 Prawn Pepper Fry

 A delicious sea food






Spring onion and Kalonji flavoured Tawa ParanthaSpring onion and Kalonji flavoured Tawa Parantha

This tawa parantha combines the goodness of goat cheese along with onion seeds. The parantha cna be had as an accompaniment or by itself as a snack.







Ajwaini Chakri Ajwaini Chakri

 Master the Ajwaini Chakri





Gulab Jamun

 Learn how to make this renowned dessert








 Palak Puri

Popular deep fried bread had mainly for breakfast. Is also served at auspicious occasions like   Navratri. Because it is fried it keeps for long without going bad.






Cholia aur Soya Bean Ka Pulao

A unique combination of fresh green gram and soya bean chunks with aromatic Basmati cooked on dum in sealed pots.






 Shahi Tukda

 Awadh’s answer to the English Bread n Butter Pudding. The cooks were so amazed at the softness of the English  dessert that they took on the challenge to make a dish that surpasses the English.








Moong Daal Payasam

Try out this recipe for the delicious south indian dessert








Lasaniya Batata

Lasaniya Batata is garlic flavored potato curry that every hot and spicy food lover must try.







Kansar is a sweet dessert dish from the Gujarat in Indian subcontinent, whose main ingredients are cracked wheat and jaggery.




  1. 6-28-2012

    nice chef keep going

  2. 6-30-2012

    nice Recipes chef aap se hame bahut kuch sikhne ko milta hai aap is hi tara new recipe banate raho or ham aap se sikhte rahenge

  3. 6-30-2012

    sir apse mujhe aur bahut sare logo ko sikhne ko milta hai, maine apki kuch kuch recipe try ki hai bahut achi hai. i am studied at IHM gurdaspur (punjab).

  4. 10-30-2012

    plz tell me receipe of “keema bhare salan murg ka pulao(muglhai hyderabadi dish)”and plz its a request dont say that is secret receipe like others have said.plz reply as soon as possible

    • 10-31-2012

      Hi Sneha, it is so strange that few years back i wrote the recipe of the same dish for a Rice Book Dawat. How did u find this name.

      • 11-5-2012

        I heard this name in the movie “cheeni kum”later at delhi airport i saw it in the book and i forgot to note the name of that book.WILL YOU PLZ TELL ME WHERE I CAN GET THIS BOOK.THANKS FOR THE REPLY CHEF.

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